Fat Loss Cardio

If you are thinking about starting a fat loss cardio training, then keep that line of thought because you are on the right track. Cardio training is the most effective workout for burning the highest amounts of calories and losing weight within a reasonable time frame.

Fat Loss Cardio

As a result, here are a few tips that can help you along your novice path toward achieving great cardio fat loss results.

Start now and don't deviate

Over thinking your cardio training can be a big hurdle to your success. As a result, you need to make up your mind on any training program as fast as you can and take action now. Running can be your best option if you are still confused and can't get the ignition you need.

Cardio for beginners

In the early stage of training, you should take it gradually on yourself and build the intensity up incrementally. Don't feel the need to rush through your first session; otherwise you will suffer from premature fatigue and disappointment. Instead be patient with yourself and have faith in the universal law of cause and effect. And after a while, you will acquire sufficient cardiovascular for increasing your training intensity without much worry..

Build a cardio habit

Instead of exercising whenever you feel the yearning to, think about making your cardio workout a natural part of your daily activities. This can be achieved through cultivating a cardio ritual that's performed on a specific time and on a daily basis. After a while, may be 3 weeks or more, this ritual will ingrain itself gradually into your life and develop into an acquired behavior.

Increase the intensity

After time and practice, your body will be more ready to take on more challenge and be stretched a little bit more. Hence here you need to make your training more challenging by increasing the intensity and the duration of your workout sessions.

Here you may need to learn some of the technical jargon such as the cardio burning zone. Knowledge is power and learning about the best strategies can help you tremendously along your journey towards weight loss success

Fat vs. cardio burning zone

To reach the fat burning zone, your heart rate needs to be between 60 - 70% it maximum rate. In this zone, you will be mostly using fat as the main source of energy for the workout. Hence, you need to sustain the workout in this zone for the longest time possible. This method can be boring and time-consuming.

On the other hand, cardio burning zone is more intense and challenging, thus you will be burning more calories and building muscles mass. But it's not the best option for beginners, since it may lead to early fatigue and injury.

Fat Loss Cardio

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